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Children's Speech Development

A child's speech development follows a general pattern, from babbling and sounds as a baby to full words and complex sentences. Children typically learn to articulate the sounds that make up all of these words in a particular order; however, sometimes there may be errors or omissions of certain sounds. It is important to remember that it is a normal part of typical speech development for a child to make errors in the articulation of their speech at different ages.

When assessing a child's speech and articulation, our skilled speech pathologists will look at the child's age and general language development as well as their intelligibility, level of awareness and frustration with speech difficulties. They may conclude that your child's errors are age-appropriate and ask you to return in a few months if you are still concerned. If they are concerned that the errors are not age-appropriate, or not a part of typical speech development, then they will likely recommend that speech therapy be initiated at Speech and Feeding Co.

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