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Speech and Feeding Specialists need to collect information about you/your child to provide a quality service to you/your child to thoroughly assess, diagnose and provide therapy.

This information will also be used for:

  • Billing either directly or through an insurer/compensation agency.
  • Handover to another speech pathologist within the practice to assist with ongoing care

Speech and Feeding Specialists will not disclose any information regarding diagnosis or treatment to Doctors, health professionals, or teachers/schools without your consent. In the case of insurance or compensation claims, it may be necessary to disclose information and/or collect information that affects your treatment and return to work.

Speech and Feeding Specialists will not disclose your information to commercial companies, however specific service or product information as deemed suitable for your speech pathology management, may be forwarded to you by us, unless you instruct Beyond Speech not to forward this type of information. Your written consent will be obtained at the start of your treatment in order to carry out the above activities.

Information at Speech and Feeding Specialists is stored securely and only practice staff have access to it. Speech and Feeding Specialists take all reasonable steps to ensure that information collected about you is accurate, complete and up to date.

You may have access to your information on request and if you believe that any of the information is inaccurate we may be able to amend it accordingly. If you do not provide relevant personal or health information, in part or in full, to Speech and Feeding Specialists it may result in incomplete assessment. This may impact on the diagnosis and the following therapy that is provided. Any concerns that you may have about this policy or about your management can be directed to Speech and Feeding Specialists

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